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The 9mm Girls project contains information, links, images
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(CW :Nudity/Explicit Sex Scene, graphic violence,
emotional/physical abuse, teratophilia).
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-A LGBTQ+ urban fantasy/action story -

Aya and Hazel are two associates who have a private security business called 9mm Girls, providing bodyguard and surveillance services and being damn good at it. But one day, strong Demons attack their current client which turns out to be way more than they can chew. Getting suddenly involved in some shady and paranormal corporate business, it now becomes an "Adapt or get killed" situation that they'll need to manage. Will they become demon hunters? Or befriend them? Maybe a bit of both...


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-Current main cast and what we have learned about them in the released chapters -


Aya is part of the 9mm Girls duo with Hazel. She is the one going on the field and carrying the big guns. She has a reckless and harsh temper, which often leads her to trouble. She won't hesitate to put her life in danger just for the thrill of it. She has a blood pact with the Sub-demon Rain, giving her supernatural aptitudes.


Hazel is part of the 9mm Girls duo with Aya. She is the one taking care of setting up security devices prior any mission and also giving instruction to Aya from the HQ. Her default mood is grumpy but Aya loves her for that. She cares deeply for her partner even if Aya teases her often about her sexual orientation.


Eligos is a Sloth demon working for the D23. Their job is to get rid of the renegade demons messing around on the Human plan. They receive direct orders from Jaahra. They're efficient and straight to the point in their work.
Their favorite and only thing to watch are the infomercials on TV. They also only relax around their sole friend Silali.


Silali is a Lust Demon or more commonly called Succubus. She likes to call herself a free agent but everything she does is to stick to Eligos for their protection against the other succubi. She still “helps” the Sloth Demon with their tasks, but most of the time she is more of a chaotic element than an efficient asset for Eligos. They are still very good friends, and Silali loves to tease them, even if it leads to absolutely nowhere.


Angela is a Lust demon and the personal assistant of Jaahra at the D23. She takes care of everything concerning paperwork, schedule and appointment and is really good in social interactions where Jaahra could be lacking (but not admitting it). She always tries to please people, making her often the prey of abuse. She looks up a lot to Jaahra.


Jaahra is a Pride Demon and an agent of the D23. She supervises the work of the other agents on site. She is professional but also impossible to work with because of her bad habit to talk down to people and to judge them on the very small mistakes they could make. The only one able to stand her is Angela. And this one holds a special place in her heart, even if she'd prefer die to admit it.


Rain is a Sub-Demon who founds his way on the mortal plan through Aya. He has a blood pact with the human, giving her special abilities. Rain is a very friendly little guy and cares a lot about Hazel and Aya. He tends to be a coward and wishes he could be as strong as a normal demon. He can turn into a very accurate dog to blend in, but also create illusions.


-Project Info-

9mm Girls The Visual Novel is a LGBTQ+ urban fantasy/action project produced by the duo Soliko6.
The project focuses on the relations between you (the player) and complex characters while following an intricate storyline taking place in the dark megalopolis of Skyline City. Your choices through the game will impact the ending but also the bonds you wish to build with the characters.


You’re the new rookie in town and you’re already dealing with a heavy case. Multiple people are missing in the dark megalopolis of Skyline City.
It seems that the supernatural and corruption are intimately connected
to your investigation.
No time for coffee and donuts, the clock is ticking and you have strange individuals to question, shady places to explore and a life changin decision to take!




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-Storytelling, Comics
& Animation-

SK6 is a duo of artists, Vice and Ash, currently in Canada.
They've been working on multiple comics, all of them focused on LGBTQ+ content and with a variety of themes from Comedy, Romance, Fantasy and Urban Fantasy. Their current main titles being 9mm Girls and Freaky 1/2.
A Visual Novel style Videogame about 9mm Girls is currently in development.
Their other titles, the webcomics Moving In (tapas.io), Girl Love Treats (tapas.io) and Indocilis Alchimia (globalcomix.com) are available and free to read in those platforms.

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